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Grid-Tied Packages

eSOlarPowerCELL¬†™ Grid Interactive G-Systems interconnect directly to your local power grid. The eSOlarPowerCELL¬†™ G-Systems will generate 100% of your power requirements in sunlight but depend on a reliable grid to operate at night.

We are specialists in supplying 100% of solar power requirements with a non-functioning grid or no grid at all! Please our “Off-Grid” or Autonomous A-Systems below.

Each system is supplied With all Wiring and all connectors color-coded for safe connection.

We also provide end-use plugs for appliances and lighting. Our eSOlarPowerCELL Generators are pre-assembled and delivered to you ready to just plug in. Systems 2000 watts and larger usually require our assistance to complete. As a member Of the Earth-Solar Community we stand by to provide you complete installation support.