Complete Systems

Off-Grid Packages

These are the most complete ready-to-connect off-grid (Autonomous) generating systems on global markets today. Each system comes pre-tested and preassembled with all Balance of  Systems* (BOS) components. The solar panels, inverter, charge controller, wiring, connectors and end-use plugs for connecting light bulbs and household, office and industrial appliances
are included and come pre-wired. Just speciW the country where the system will be used and we will provide the correct voltage and frequency for your location.

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE: Just mount the eSOlarPowerCELL Control assembly on a wall, plug the solar panels into the designated color coded connectors, connect the batteries, and you are ready to watch TV, connect to the Internet, recharge your phones and get real cool with your air conditioner!

Our standard battery systems are lithium ion to last more than twice the age of typical battery. If your preference is lead acid we provide those as well.

THE DC HOUSEHOLD: Smaller homes can operate on Direct Current (DC) and avoid the extra costs Of converting DC that is generated by solar into AC. All modern lighting and appliances can operate on DC and most Of those lighting and appliances Will be provided here. Look for our opening announcement!
Looking for more power from your eSOlarpowerCell Off-Grid system than shown here? We design and deliver solar-based systems into the megawatts Of power. Check With us about powering entire communities With 100% emissions free solar power.